E-marketing 101

Apr / 06 / 2015

So I started an e-Commerce/e-Marketing course yesterday. The professor, Scalise.mx is a well prepared marketing pro. Here are some key points about the course, as specified and it will be great to remember this stuff in the future.

The Cloud

It's important to understand that the Web (The cloud) is public, it's operated by both humans and robots and it's alive. We will hear every kind of story behind a helpdesk and while many of them will be funny, most of them will be frustrating.

Although, the cloud is virtually infinite, most people just won't go beyond the second page of results on Google, as the joke says, "The best place to hide a body is on Google's search page number 2".

Ever wondered why is it called the cloud? Well, because when diagramming the connections of even geographically reduced areas, it just look like a cloud of points or lines.

Does advertising sell?

This was a biggie. The question was a little trickier than it sounds, but after a long debate and a nice classroom exercise, the answer was pretty clear: Advertising doesn't sell. In fact it doesn't do it at all. Why? because it only invites to buy, it doesn't actually sells.

This places a very good standpoint for separating advertising from selling. We at Goplek operate the digital advertising of many clients, but we also operate the platform where customers buy the products and services.

Opera is the best browser ... Wut?

I mean, this could be a pretty shallow thing, but after making devastating comments about Internet Explorer the professor was kind of brave by defending the honor of Opera. Instead of getting involved into any kind of heated debate, I'm just going to leave this benchmark here...

Book Recommendation

The New Age of Innovation: Driving Cocreated Value Through Global Networks.

This guy Prahalad seems to be the guru of e-marketing of the new era already got it on amazon and will be posting my thoughts on this.


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